Sunday Fantasy Flirting, Vol. 02

Sundays are for…*looks around*…finishing yet another volume of Sandman, and for doing laundry, and even for spending time with your loved ones.

*Puts desiccated family heads back in cabinet*

Anyway, Sundays are also for awful flirting lines. Trust me, I know. Here are five fantasy ones!

  1. My Flaming Sword burns ever-brighter near your biter.
  2. Is this merely illusion, or am I discarding my clothes? Run your hand on this here mine hairy chest, and find out!
  3. You seem in need of exorcism, milady…lie down, and I shall sweat thy haunting demon out of thee!
  4. Hood’s balls? The god of death doesn’t have any, but I certainly do…
  5. You needn’t worship the gods…allow me to worship you, instead!

…I wouldn’t use them, if I were you — unless you’re particularly despondent and you’ve found a particularly attractive cave troll lady.

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