Fantasy Yelp Reviews: Sins of the Mother

"Establishment Reviewed: Sins of the Mother"The Dark Lord (Occasionally Responds to Unintentionally Helpful Villain)KarataanFantasy Yelp Member Since ██████Review Posted On: The Day A Moon Fell666/5 stars There I am, exploring a new world and there I go, finding myself a nice 'lil island with a nice lil' inn on it. And there she is, a... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Yelp Reviews: Legends and Lattes

"Legends and Lattes: Best Latte I've Ever Had"The Multidimensional Dark Lord (Responds also to "Unintentionally Helpful Villain")ThuneFantasy Yelp Member Since ██████Review: Legends and LattesReview Posted On: The Seventeenth Blood Moon On The Pious Man's Head10/5 stars After hearing about the proprietor of this novel establishment, the orc Viv, I expected a good time. I got... Continue Reading →

Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree – Book Review Published by: Self-Published, recently acquired by TORGenre: Slice of Life FantasyPages: 318Format: ebookPurchased Copy for my Kindle from Amazon The blogosphere has been abuzz with talk of Travis Baldree’s debut, Legends & Lattes, and for good reason. Slice of life stories are character-driven to their core—no wonder, then, that Baldree’s novel is such a... Continue Reading →

The Best Fantasy Real Estate: Mordor

Attention, curmudgeonly octogenarians! Are you looking for a good way to spend your golden years? Whether you adore beautiful views, crave fields of gold, or are itching for that wasteland full of rotting orc carcasses, we at the Reliquary Tourist Agency have the best locales for you! Sit back, rest your weary bones--what's left of... Continue Reading →

My Summer 2021 Reads

Hello! Now that we're at the close of September, it's time to look back at all the fun we've had over the summer! And if you know me, my fun is often limited to vast quantities of books. many books, bruh. I discuss most of the ones I read over the summer, in some... Continue Reading →

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