Age of Empires IV Looks Great, Doesn’t It? Epic Loses Millions! Plus, A Larian Studios Interview! (Outsider’s Outlook)

Age of Empires IV's developer Relic Entertainment revealed the long-awaited strategy's first gameplay trailer this weekend, and I felt something in my chest constrict--either a minor heart attack at the veritable age of twenty-five, or a wave of nostalgia must've overcome me, for as I watched on, I was reminded by the hundreds of hours... Continue Reading →

Star Wars Age of Republic: Villains by Jody Houser

A five-issue anthology, this was an enjoyable, well-written (if short) look at some of my favourite childhood villains from the prequel trilogy. And Jango Fett. And the robot guy with the arms. The first story chronicles the continued angry misadventures of our favourite metalhead, Maul. A direct continuation of the excellent five-issue run of Darth... Continue Reading →

Giant Days Vol. 05 by John Allison

Previous | Next My, but it has been a while since last I spoke about John Allison and Max Sarin's exceptional Giant Days series, hasn't it? Has a more charming slice-of-life tale ever been penned and drawn with such effortless skill? I've certainly never seen anything of the kind, though if you have, please let... Continue Reading →

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