Fantasy Yelp Reviews: Legends and Lattes

"Legends and Lattes: Best Latte I've Ever Had"The Multidimensional Dark Lord (Responds also to "Unintentionally Helpful Villain")ThuneFantasy Yelp Member Since ██████Review: Legends and LattesReview Posted On: The Seventeenth Blood Moon On The Pious Man's Head10/5 stars After hearing about the proprietor of this novel establishment, the orc Viv, I expected a good time. I got... Continue Reading →

The Grimoire Reliquary in 2023

Hullo, everyone! It has been a while, hasn't it? Apologies for that, I have been busy with work and my master's in literature. The blog has had to take a backseat these past couple of months but after a lovely two-week break, I feel in just the right mood to create a MASTERPLAN for The... Continue Reading →

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