The Grimoire Reliquary in 2023

Hullo, everyone!

It has been a while, hasn’t it? Apologies for that, I have been busy with work and my master’s in literature. The blog has had to take a backseat these past couple of months but after a lovely two-week break, I feel in just the right mood to create a MASTERPLAN for The Grimoire Reliquary come the next twelve months!

So what’s coming in 2023? For one, more posts. I like to think I’ll be able to write a few a week — it’s an overtly optimistic outlook and if I had to bet, I’d bet against myself, but what the hell, I’ll try anyway! What can you look forward to?

  • More Comic Book Reviews: For the first time in years, I am getting back into X-Men comics! I’ve gradually moved away from Marvel/DC works over the last seven-eight years but Jonathan Hickman’s remaking of the X-Men and Kieron Gillen’s Immortal X-Men title have really whet my curiosity. Plenty of creative-owned comics will also be read and talked about–you can count on that, even if none of them are less than a year or two old. And yes, you can also expect to see me wrap up my mildly humorous Giant Days review series–I finished them a couple of months ago and all I need to do is sit down and write-write-write my thoughts down. Spoilers–the ending was a bit weird, but the rest was wonderful.
  • D&D Content is Coming: I’ve dabbled a little with DM content last year but I want to double down. Essays, both in textual and video form, will start making their way online over the next couple of months, fingers crossed. I’m at a place where, after six-seven years of DMing, I have enough to say that isn’t simply a rehash of people like Matt Colville, Matt Mercer, and a bunch of other famous Dungeon Masters. The first essay is well on the way to being done; I just need to find the discipline to write half an hour a day every day on the general topic and we’ll be golden.
  • Gaming Stuff, Too! I love video games, and I try to play as much as time will allow me. I also love writing about them. The thing about learning to be a critic is, you can’t just turn it off; you notice things and you have to talk about them. I can’t promise I’m any good at it – but my passion, I hope, shows.
  • A Greater Focus on Indie Fantasy: I’ve really been slacking off on the indie fantasy front. Authors I love have gone unacknowledged by me for most of 2022, and that’s to say nothing of discovering new ones. I hope to change this–and I have a plan of highlighting some of the indie authors who have meant the most to me since I got into reviewing books.
  • And More! Prob’ly.

So there you have it, the jist of my 𝓜𝓐𝓢𝓣𝓔𝓡𝓟𝓛𝓐𝓝! I sure hope it doesn’t get horribly derailed by real life…

Alternately, I’ll see you in 2046. BAAAAAAAAAAAAI

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