Sunday ComiX: The Morally Ambiguous (Sometime) X-Men!

Sundays are for...struggling with the morality of questionable characters who occasionally take part in the X-Men roster! Bit of a stretch? Oh, well. Let's start it off with my most favorite character in comic books, drum roll, please... Max Eisenhardt aka Erik Magnus Lensherr aka MAGNETO, MASTER OF MAGNETISM: Absolute madman, whose POWERS OVER MAGNETISM™ can allow him... Continue Reading →

Saturday Night Gaming: Pyre #01

Supergiant games deliver yet again. That makes for three outstanlion p kdiglng, visually stunning --breathtaking, even -- games, each three years apart from the other, starting with Bastion, transitioning with Transistor and now, the largest of them all, Pyre. I have played too little of Pyre since it came out on Tuesday (July 25). Not... Continue Reading →

Thursday Recommendation: Half a King

Joe Abercrombie is a master of subverting expectations. I have yet to touch Abercrombie's most well-known work, the First Law trilogy, although I have only heard good -- Nay, great -- things about it. Now that I've read the first book in the Shattered Sea trilogy, I am more than looking forward to that experience.... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice: Humor

Humor is one of the fundamental ingredients in any story. From horror to drama to epic fantasy - no matter the genre, there's always time to lighten up the tension with a healthy dose of humor! Humor can be a genre in itself, as well - Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett are two masters who... Continue Reading →

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