You read it here first, folks. I'm doing a book tag! I saw this tag done over at Bookdragonism and I decided I HAD TO HAVE SOME OF THAT ON ME BLOG! It's about books, it has so many needlessly convoluted categories and I love every single one of them, so let's crack those knuckles... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Quote of the Day, 26/08/2017

I love dragons; who doesn't?! They're often seen as the pinnacle of fantasy creatures; mighty, cold and deadly intelligent, dragons can be both the noblest and most sly of beings. Steven Erikson's dragons are complex creatures. They are rarely seen, but their presence is felt throughout the many books. Today's quote describes a dragon from... Continue Reading →

Sunday Fantasy Flirting, Vol. 02

Sundays are for...*looks around*...finishing yet another volume of Sandman, and for doing laundry, and even for spending time with your loved ones. *Puts desiccated family heads back in cabinet* Anyway, Sundays are also for awful flirting lines. Trust me, I know. Here are five fantasy ones! My Flaming Sword burns ever-brighter near your biter. Is... Continue Reading →

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