Writing Advice: Villains #01

Villains are some of the most memorable of characters – a good villain is a treasure trove of potential for storytelling. Writing villains, however, can be somewhat tricky—which is why I have resigned myself to writing about some of the pitfalls your primary antagonist shouldn’t fall in. A villain is someone who can best exploit... Continue Reading →

Thursday Spotlight: The Emperor’s Soul

(By Brandon Sanderson) I tend to read a lot of Brandon Sanderson’s works – with good reason. Each book in his Cosmere has a cleverly developed magical system, a cast of enticing characters, and often enough, unique worldbuilding that leaves breathtaking visuals in my mind long after I close the covers. The Emperor’s Soul takes... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice: The Messy First Draft

It has recently come to my attention that a lot of people who’re enthused to write become quickly disillusioned with the craft because of how unlike their ideas that first draft ends up looking. To you I say: Do not despair. The way I – and many actual writers – use the first draft of... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Thursday: The Black Company

(By Glen Cook) The Black Company is misery curdled, but also ancient and intriguing. I paraphrase one of the very earliest paragraphs that caught my eye in the Black Company. Glen Cook’s novel is that rare breed of fantasy that forswears lengthy, intricate descriptions for the benefit of literary minimalism. That’s not to say that... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Thursday: Unnatural Creatures Part 1

I love short stories. There’s nothing quite like a short story to give you a condensed look at an author’s unique vision, style and ideas. Short stories will suck you in their unique worlds and you will end up wondering where the hell a half hour went by the last page. They’re difficult to write and yet very rewarding; your imagination’s the limit!... Continue Reading →

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