The Unintentionally Helpful Villain, Vol. 2

Diary Entry #0085

Many of the peasants have deserted my realm. Much did their betrayal sting, and much did I weep and foam at the mouth as I ordered they be hunted down and slaughtered.

Diary Entry #0086

The peasants did not desert. They ran into the forests to pick poisonous mushrooms for the war effort against the Council of Darkness. Too late did I learn of this — my demons and revenants did burn them and freeze them before I could intervene. I weep for their noble sacrifice.

Diary Entry #0087

The spirits of the peasants are now haunting my fierce demons and my loyal revenants. The War Effort suffers for it. I have decided to sacrifice the demons and revenants in order to appease the newly-made spirits.

Diary Entry #0088

The villagers – those that did remain in their homes, and those that found themselves amidst the Spiritual Plane – rejoiced at this! Like a hero did they celebrate me!

The Council of Darkness did not much like such a title pinned on mine fiery chest, and so they sent another legion of their abominations unto my nation-state.

What happens next, I cannot say.

If you’d like to catch up with the Unintentionally Helpful Villain’s misadventures, click here!

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