The Summer of Sequels Is Here!

Hullo, everyone! Did you miss me?

You didn’t, did you? Ah, that’s fine! Listen, I’ve been away for a wee while, but that’s all about to change because, drumrolls please…The Summer of Sequels is here!

“But, my lord…” I hear you ask. “Is that legal?”

To this I say,

This absolutely made-up non-event has one simple purpose in mind: it’s to encourage me to catch up with the sequels (or threequels or whatever) of some phenomenal series that I have loved; series that I, incidentally, have had the ill luck of losing track of because of the horrific torturer’s wheel that is lived life. But I’m getting back on the tracks, dear Reader, and I have a plan.

What does that plan look like? If I had to express myself with a stack of books rather than with words, it’d be something like this:

This here time piece represents the futility of man and whatnot.

That’s a lot of sequels, that is. I’ve read at least one of these sequels twice but I’m not telling you which one. The point is, I’ll review or otherwise engage with every single one of them over the next few months; and that’s not all. I’ve got plenty of sequels I want to get to beyond these. Josiah Bancroft’s The Fall of Babel, the second and third books in Mark Lawrence’s Book of the Ancestor, Rob J. Hayes’s Sins of the Mother, and Ian C. Esslemont’s Return of the Crimson Guard, and Peter McLean’s Priest of Gallows and…and…and…!..the list goes on and on.

The schedule for the first few Summer of Sequels post looks like this, at present:

Monday, July 4: The Girl and the Moon by Mark Lawrence – Book Review

Wednesday, July 6 : Eyes of the Void by Adrian Tchaikovsky – Book Review

Friday, July 8: Trope Check: Eyes of the Void by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Monday, July 11: The Broken God by Gareth Hanrahan – Book Review

I’ll make a master post somewhere on the post with all the #SummerofSequels reviews I put on – if you’re reviewing a sequel over the summer and would like me to link to it, DM me on Twitter, Instagram, or shoot me a message over the contact form here. We can also chat, because I’m woefully bad at approaching people in the blogging community because…anxiety *wheezing noises*.

There’ll be time, I hope, for other posts, as well. I’ve been reading so, so much but with work and studying and a demanding social calendar, I’ve had woefully little time to write down my thoughts. The excuses end here – time to keep myself accountable and write words about books–it’s what I live for, after all.

Oh, and prepare your minds for a 2400-WORD SPOILER-FILLED ESSAY ON GIDEON THE NINTH! It was a delight to write and I love the time spent pouring over that book; that’ll drop sometime next week, too, I suspect.

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