Sunday Flirt Vol. 05

Sundays are for sending your mum off to Rome to do her thing - which may or may not include the dominion of all life. They're for waking up terribly early, because there's a catholic church over the street, and bloody Catholics are singing 'Ave Maria'. Sundays are for lazily studying six units of Management... Continue Reading →

Sunday Flirt Vol. 04

Another Sunday passes as the hour of exam judgement falls ever nearer. On that note...Sundays are for avoiding responsibility! Avoiding responsibility and flirting with fantasy characters! And here's this week of fun fantasy pick-up lines'n'banter. "You're complicated AND extremely thick, aren't you?" *This works best for books, but also for...* "Honey, don't say that...This spell... Continue Reading →

Sunday Flirt, Vol. 03

Sundays are for...wandering through an abandoned metro and shooting at Nazis and Reds; They are for solving thirty-fifty corporate finance problems; Sundays are also great for stuffing yourself full of pizza. When in Italy... and you might as well watch the season finale of American Gods while you do that. Gods, I'll miss that show.... Continue Reading →

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