Microsoft to Continue Buying Studios, Series X/S Shortages To Continue Onto Next Year

Xbox's CFO Tim Stuart gave a talk at the Jefferies Interactive Entertainment Virtual Conference on November 12, where some of his remarks sketch out the issues Xbox faces in shipping their newest consoles, the Microsoft entertainment division's future plans for the Xbox Game Pass, and how Bethesda's acquisition will prioritize Xbox's platforms before all others. Stuart... Continue Reading →

Anthem: Demo Weekend Impression

What happens when you put EA in charge of a first-rate storyteller the likes of Bioware?! A recipe for...a surprisingly fun if riddled with tech issues game. Can't wait to find out how the microtransactions screw this one!

The E3 Titles I cared about, 2018 Edition!

Well, well, well! Another year, another set of E3 press conferences with all those entail - cringe-worthy moments, EA sports segments making you seriously reconsider a membership amongst the living on this wonderful blue orb of ours and, occasionally, games which look just promising enough they might be worth putting a mortgage on my house.... Continue Reading →

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