Writing Advice: Essays

One thing I set out to do with this blog--that I have yet to do--is write a series of long-form essays about topics that intrigue me. Perhaps I've done a bit of that with my 'Saturday Night Gaming' series, but I've decided that now would be a good time to take a long look at what... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice: Dialogue

I've always been a sucker for excellent dialogue. Snappy, clever remarks make for memorable characters, situations and so much more! Dialogue has brought me to tears, and laughter, and has infused me with a hundred emotions that I couldn't have expected would overcome me. Dialogue doesn't have to follow perfect grammar You want the characters... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice: Humor

Humor is one of the fundamental ingredients in any story. From horror to drama to epic fantasy - no matter the genre, there's always time to lighten up the tension with a healthy dose of humor! Humor can be a genre in itself, as well - Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett are two masters who... Continue Reading →

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