Writing Advice: Essays

One thing I set out to do with this blog--that I have yet to do--is write a series of long-form essays about topics that intrigue me. Perhaps I've done a bit of that with my 'Saturday Night Gaming' series, but I've decided that now would be a good time to take a long look at what... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice: Dialogue

I've always been a sucker for excellent dialogue. Snappy, clever remarks make for memorable characters, situations and so much more! Dialogue has brought me to tears, and laughter, and has infused me with a hundred emotions that I couldn't have expected would overcome me. Dialogue doesn't have to follow perfect grammar You want the characters... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice: Research is important

Research has the dubious distinction of being an insanely interesting part of writing...as well as an occasionally tedious task that everyone would much rather shove for another point in time. Researching is a bit like going down a street whose exit is just ahead, but somehow, you keep getting sidetracked by the litany of architectural... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice: Humor

Humor is one of the fundamental ingredients in any story. From horror to drama to epic fantasy - no matter the genre, there's always time to lighten up the tension with a healthy dose of humor! Humor can be a genre in itself, as well - Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett are two masters who... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice: Plot Twists

The thing about plot twists? Never do them! Hey, don't leave that, I was making a point! Badly! The best plot twists in books I've read often have to do with the author asking himself, "How best can I make this character suffer?" Think on this question, think on it really hard; whatever the answer... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice: The Basics of Sci-Fi

To take some liberty with a quote by the great Philip K. Dick, fantasy is about things that are conceivably impossible, whereas science fictions is all about the conceivably possible. Both genres are about writing, discovering and experiencing new things, but science fiction takes on these three objectives with a different toolset; it is ideas... Continue Reading →

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