Five Fantasy Series I Hope To Read In 2022

Another weekend is close to an end and so it’s time to once more look to the future! Before your regularly scheduled Sunday Star Wars posts make their long-awaited return, let me inspire you to read more by talking about a few of those THICC fantasy series I hope to get through in the coming ten and a half months!

Mistborn: Wax & Wayne

I read The Alloy of Law perhaps two, even three years ago, and adored it. Sanderson embraces the Western setting with such relish, it’s difficult not to be partial to all the gun-slinging metal-burning madness at display here. With the fourth book to be published in September, the next couple of months offer the opportunity to catch up with the series and deliver–GASP, could it be?–a timely review to a relevant title!

I know, I can hardly believe it myself.

Book of the Ancestor by Mark Lawrence

My better half and I already started the first in this series, Red Sister, and the first five chapters have hooked us both up! I know for a fact that the other two parts of the Ancestor trilogy get even better and knowing Mark Lawrence’s work, that should come as no surprise to anyone. He writes characters you never fail to get attached to, before brutally disposing of them. *Glares at The Girl and the Mountain*

His scenic descriptions allow even readers like myself without much in the way of a visual imagination to transport themselves, to breathe the same air as Nona and the other sisters, to breathe the same air and sense it against their skin. I regard him as one of the contemporary masters at work in the genre today–it’s difficult not to.

Path to Ascendancy by Ian C. Esslemont

To return to the universe of the Malazan Book of the Fallen has been an aim of mine for the longest time; the reason I haven’t yet done it is because it’s the singular most absorbing fictional world I’ve experienced. I know for a fact I’ll get a certain someone to read Erikson’s series with me, but I’m itching for new experiences in that beloved world. Esslemont’s prequels have long interested me, even more than his Novels of the Malazan Empire works. What secrets await in the far-off past, before and during the rise of the Malazan Empire? That, I’d love to know!

The Siege by K. J. Parker

Judging by its first installment, The Siege marks one of the most droll works of fantasy fiction draws its inspiration from the Byzantine Empire in more than one ways. The title of each book in the trilogy winks at the reader but does a lot more than that, as well. K. J. Parker, better than most, forecasts the subject matter of his novels in a way that awakens eager curiosity. “Sixteen Ways to Defend a Walled City? Tell me about each and every last one of them!” The fact that each installment sounds like a “How to” guide makes the books even more attractive: I want to rule an empire! I want to get away with it, too! And that last novel in the series? A Practical Guide to Conquering the World? Sign me up, I’m following steps A through 387!

The Founders Trilogy by Robert Jackson Bennett

Here’s what I know about Robert Jackson Bennett’s Founders trilogy:

  • book bloggers, book tubers, and several other cultist organizations are all crazy about it!
  • Every book has amazing cover art, enigmatic, reminiscent of taro cards.
  • Big authors have heaped mountains of praise on the first book;
  • …Which, incidentally, I happen to own on my Kindle.

I have not the slightest clue as to what the synopsis sounds like, and I don’t care to find out, this very moment. I know nothing of its characters, nothing of magic systems or setting or any other element of worldbuilding; only that I must read it. This one will conclude in June, with the release of Locklands. How I wish to have torn through its first two installments by then…

I think this list is long enough for now, don’t you? I, for one, have never found myself wanting in ambition. What fantasy series do you hope to read across 2022? Let me know in the comments down below!

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