I’m Very Excited To Spend A Hundred Hours With Disco Elysium’s Final Cut and Is Remedy Cooking Up an Alan Wake Sequel? (Outsider’s Outlook)

Venturebeat journalist Jeff Grubb seems to think so! That is, he’s gone on the record to say as much on his Twitch stream (you can find that here). I’m willing to buy into this — we know the folks at Remedy have a two-game contract with Epic Games, praise be Monsieur Sweeney, pedlar of free games on feature-free platforms I, for one, would welcome a return to Alan Wake – which reminds me, I really *should* play through those Control DLCs one of these days. I’m very, very bad with returning to games and paying extra for content once I’ve gone through their release versions.

Except, that is, when the DLCs are free of charge and the games in question continue to haunt me in my dreams. Such is the case with Disco Elysium’s Final Cut, which voices the vast majority of the ONE MILLION words written in that bloody colossus of a game, while also doing a wonderful job of adding an additional…one hundred thousand, was it? Far be it for me to call developer ZA/UM utterly insane for charging such a volume of content absolutely nothing, but you have to consider the impossible…they might actually be artists and not business suits interested only in the bottom line.

Art in the game industry? Perish the thought, Filip!

Disco Elysium is blissful wonkiness in all the ways that matter, and I loved exploring its politics-heavy world, so reminiscent in some strange, small ways of the Bulgaria of my childhood. With the new story content offering FOUR POLITICAL VISION QUESTS, I have to be honest, it’s difficult not to lose the next ten days in exploring Revachol once more.

Have you played it yet? No time better than the present to experience one of the best RPGs ever made!

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