Star Wars Vol.06: Out Among the Stars by Jason Aaron

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Gah, Salvador Larocca, what did you do with Han’s face?!

For someone who can draw well, Larocca occasionally gets real weird with the whole…rotoscopic effect? I know rotoscoping is an animation technique and this is illustration, but I can’t figure out if there’s a different phrase for this. Anyway, Larocca…Han’s face get progressively weirder and I don’t know why you wanted to give us nightmares but you did, and you oughtn’t’ave!

Onto discussing the story of Out Among the Stars! This is perhaps my favourite of the last three volumes of Aaron’s run; rather than tell a coherent, five-issue story, Aaron splits his cast and pens an adventure for each of them. These one-shots were thematically coherent and I enjoyed them a great deal more than last week’s Yoda’s Secret War. There’s something to be said about Leia and Luke getting stuck on some island paradise planet, spending a few weeks fending for themselves and eventually helping the locals by taking on a regiment of stormtroopers. It’s a very Luke-and-Leia thing to do, and it offers adorable character moments which add to their relationship. Aaron plays around with their longing for family, their conceptions of home, the whole “unknowingly siblings” background.

Han Solo is up to rebel-y business while Luke and Leia are away, helping Mon Mothma transport a Hutt prisoner to a Rebel cell that’ll interrogate him for precious information. In typical Solo fashion, things don’t go according to plan…or do they? It’s fun having post Episode IV Han go off and do something for the rebellion on his own, rather than being prodded by Leia into weird, competitive leadership games.

The one story I loved saw R2-D2 retrieve C3PO from the Empire; not just from any imperial ship, either, but the star destroyer Darth Vader is currently in. It’s hilarious to watch him sneak about the ship, disrupt communications, pit stormtrooper squads against one another, and create chaos at hitherto-unseen levels. It’s glorious fun and the best use of these two droids in a great while.

There was also another stormtroopers issue, which…uh, I think I liked it, but I honestly can’t remember what exactly it was about. Make of that what you will.

Oh, and an…an….another annual! What was it about? WHAT WAS IT ABOUT?!

Yes, I sneaked a peek at Goodreads just now to kick the old meat computer into gear. Turns out this one had Leia and Han on some icy planet. Action-heavy, with some fellow who bore Han a grudge and what-have-you. I…did not like that one. It’s forgettable and uninteresting and I’m not impressed with Jason Latour’s story at all.

Enough of Jason Aaron! Onto Kieron GIllen’s run–please be good. Please. Oh, but before I tell you all about that, we’ll take a week off to check out the much more recent STAR WARS: BOUNTY HUNTERS!

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