I am Very Excited about the Final Cut of Disco Elysium (Outsider’s Outlook)

It’s strange to find out that the most excited announcement that came out of the 2020 Game Advertisements Awards is that of Disco Elysium’s massive, free update. The Final Cut promises plenty and knowing ZA/UM, the studio behind this modern classic, I have little doubt that it will deliver. What’s more, that this is a free upgrade for anyone already in possession of Disco Elysium is nothing short of generous. It might even be used as an argument that the indie game developer scene really is the shining beacon needed by an industry chocked by scandal, crunch, disgusting business practices, and–lately, at least–sexual allegations.

What I’m most impressed is the full voice acting. This is huge–in terms of work-hours, it must’ve been hugely expensive. In terms of lengthening the game time, too; and the production costs of voicing many hundreds of thousands of words must be massive. The only other game I can think of that did this was the lovely Divinity: Original Sin, whose Definitive Edition back in the day was a labour of love.

I’m similarly overawed by the addition of another 150,000 words–so massive an amount, even most epic fantasy authors would acknowledge it with a nod of respect. The promise of new quests, characters, areas and an even deeper dive into the political ideas your character can adopt–now that’s the way to make a splash.

I’ve been working on a critique for Disco Elysium but now that the game is about to get so massive an update, I think perhaps I’ll wait a few months longer, to experience this final version of the game, the way its creators always envisioned it. My only wish is, I had the cash for this outrageously cool limited run of the Collector’s Edition–but alas, it’s a little above my pay range.

It all looks perfectly splendid though, doesn’t it? I can hardly wait until March.

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