Sunday Star Wars: March Meme-A-Thon

It is a dark time in the galaxy. So what better way to alleviate the darkness than via a selection of memes based on everyone’s favourite space opera?!

DISCLAIMER: I’ve made none of these memes, I’ve merely saved them over the years.

We all know the bothans are incompetent, Admiral Ackbar Just Confirms it.
Here you see Darth Vader and his son refusing to practice social distancing. Though Vader is using a futuristic hazmat suit, his boy has no such luck and is directly under the threat of the coronavirus.
One could argue that the writing of the Clone Wars is of superior quality to the dialogue as crafted by one George Lucas
This one courtesy of Jedi: Fallen Order – the best Star Wars game since Knights of the Old Republic 2
You CANNOT have a meme-a-thon without baby Yoda…
…or this nightmare.

Lawlesness, cruelty, what else do you need as proof for the corruption of the Galactic Senate? Well, I’ve a message for you all.

Every time I see this, I snort-giggle.
And in the annals of personal ideology…

And, before we wrap it up for the day, the most upvoted post on r/PrequelMemes ever:

Most glorious thing I’ve ever seen, courtesy of 0_darth_plagueis_0

If you did not enjoy this rubric…

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