Do Yourself a Favour: Watch Jojo Rabbit

It’s not everyday I come across a movie as special as this one. Jojo Rabbit made me cry with laughter and with sadness and it conquered my heart. This is the best Waititi picture yet – and it’s got stiff competition in the face of that Mandalorian episode! Jokes aside, Jojo packs a hell of an emotional punch and shows the full horror and paradox but also the beauty of hope, resistance and sacrifice This movie won my heart twice over, once for its hilarious tone and a second time with the touching drama and, at the most important moments, solemnity.

Scarlett Johansson brings emotional gravitas and humour to the supporting role of single mother Rosie – every time she’s on screen is magical and downright gleaming. Roman Griffin Davis, playing the titular Jojo, stuns with his skills; opposing him is Thomasin McKenzie in the role of Jewish girl Elsa, whose on-screen presence speaks constantly of perseverence in the face of, and contempt for, everything the ten-year old Jojo fanatically believes in. McKenzie unquestionably shines through and the development of her relationship with Jojo is a joy to behold till the last. The rest of the cast is similarly star-studded; Sam Rockwell’s take on a Nazi Captain, in particular, though at first might’ve come off as a one-dimensional spoof, revealed a depth and complexity I was not prepared for.

I urge you to take a look at this wonderful piece of cinematic satire.

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