Thank you for following me!

I recently hit an important milestone — 50 followers!

I’ll keep this short — thank you! I appreciate the time you’ve taken to read my reviews, humorous fantasy stories of villains and necromancers and wizards, and many other creatures besides! Much more is coming your way, and my hope is that I’ll offer you good literature with a smile and even the occasional laugh.

On that note, I should also probably mention, prolonged exposure to words written by me will eat away at and eventually devour your sanity.

Happy reading!

(Tentacles paid for separately. This message has been brought to you by CthulhuForABetterTomorrow.Inc)

7 thoughts on “Thank you for following me!

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  1. Hi. I like your reviews and the thought you put into the good, the bad and the so-so. I wonder if you would review my sci fi series. There are five books in the series, but they are not long, about 90,000 words in total. They are written as a narrative long poem, so the writing is quite spare. There is lots of adventure and relationship building. They are also illustrated with my black and white drawings. “On an alien planet where human relationships are not allowed, a small group of humans tries to build a community, in spite of two groups of aliens who want to keep them in servitude.” If you would be interested, I would send you a free copy of the books, postage paid. For more information, see my blog Thanks for considering this! Jane (a.k.a. Alexandra Tims)


    1. Hey there, Jane!

      Unfortunately, I’m pretty lousy with poetry, including narrative poems, and while your series sounds really interesting, I’m not certain I’d be able to finish it once I start it and that would be very unfair to you, especially considering the postage costs to Bulgaria.
      I would love to host some of your drawings if you’d like, along with links to your blog and first book on Amazon!

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      1. Hi. Thanks for considering my work. I would love to collaborate in this way. I can send you a group of drawings and a bit of text. Do you use Dropbox? It would be one way to transmit a group of files. Jane

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