Non-Friday Wrap-Up: Before the Storm, Hearthstone animated short and Books! 21/08-27/08/2017

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a coming-of-age tragedy, writes RPS’s Adam Smith in a conversation with Before the Storm’s lead writer, Zack Garriss.

“The experience of writing feature films or TV episodes requires thinking about the most interesting obstacle or the best line of dialogue or the best piece of choreography for any given situation. We have to ask ourselves not what the best option is but what the two most interesting versions of any given scene might be, and how they’ll impact on our larger themes and plot. It’s incredibly satisfying but it requires a lot of patience.”

Hearthstone released an animated short that’s like something come out from Disney-Pixar’s happy, happy marriage. It’s absolutely beautiful, and WORTH YOUR TIME. It also made me want a 3D Hearthstone game, with cards taking form like in YU-GI-OH and doing actual battle with other cards! I’ve always wanted such a game, come to think of it, made by an AAA developer!

I’ve been super busy this week, and the next two will be even worse, but in my free time, I’ve enjoyed The Time of the Dark, by Barbara Hambly. Expect a recommendation of that not too far away from now.

I’ve also began reading Zen and the Art of Writing by writer extraordinaire, Ray Bradbury. It’s a damn inspiration, I’ll tell you that.

I’m sorry if content’s a bit less…much-ish during the next couple of weeks. Exams have me twisting my panties in a bunch; oh, the horror!




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