Sunday Flirt Vol. 05

Sundays are for sending your mum off to Rome to do her thing – which may or may not include the dominion of all life. They’re for waking up terribly early, because there’s a catholic church over the street, and bloody Catholics are singing ‘Ave Maria’.

Sundays are for lazily studying six units of Management accounting and contemplating whether stabbing yourself in the eye is better or worse than going on to read the seventh unit. They are for contemplating on lost time and future opportunities.

Sundays are fun.

Most importantly though, Sundays are for horrible fantasy pick-up lines! Come to the top of the line and get yours while it’s hot!

  1. “Being swollen by that red dragon would’ve been so much lonelier without you, husband. Say, have you ever…”
    “Now’s really not the time for that, wife.”
  2. “I think you can put that blasting rod of yours to better use, Mr. Dresden.”
  3. “Moaning out a wizard’s true name is almost as dangerous as saying it out loud. Don’t believe me? Just you wait!”
  4. “Are you an illusionist? Because whenever I’m around you, my head is spinning!”
  5. “That transmogrification spell ain’t helping you down there, buddy, no matter how hard you try…”


And that just about wraps up the Sunday Flirt series; for a little while at least! I’m all out of ideas –even crappy ones! Next Sunday, something new awaits! See you then!

5 thoughts on “Sunday Flirt Vol. 05

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  1. I’ve grown to love Sunday Flirt, there’s always something to surprise you here. And something to make you laugh heartedly as well. I think number four is very smooth too. A job well done!

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    1. Let me add that the Sunday Flirt section will return at some point or another; it’s just that there’s a lot more to try.


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