Sunday Fantasy Flirting, Vol. 02

Sundays are for...*looks around*...finishing yet another volume of Sandman, and for doing laundry, and even for spending time with your loved ones. *Puts desiccated family heads back in cabinet* Anyway, Sundays are also for awful flirting lines. Trust me, I know. Here are five fantasy ones! My Flaming Sword burns ever-brighter near your biter. Is... Continue Reading →

Writing Advice: Consistency

Laziness is the enemy of every aspiring writer. Take me, for example: I almost didn’t write today’s entry; I’m too busy, I’ve done so much today, I’m so exhausted, it’s four in the bloody morning. Excuses, excuses. Don’t listen to those. Pick up the pen. Press the keys on your keyboard. Write. Consistency is much... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Things I would do if I were a lich!

I would get me a nice little ice cave, with loads of stalagmites, stalactites and the skulls of my long-dead apprentices and army comrades. I would begin raising my apprentices from the dead. They were an incompetent bunch in life—doesn’t mean that they have to remain useless in death. I would discover that death really... Continue Reading →

Spotlight Thursday: Uprooted

There is something about the woods, some primordial fear that has been nagging away at all of us, at the entirety of humanity, long before we learned to create fires, long before we began making tools; a fear that's been with us since our very inception, as evident in that most precious of folklore -... Continue Reading →

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