Writing Advice: Consistency

Laziness is the enemy of every aspiring writer.

Take me, for example: I almost didn’t write today’s entry; I’m too busy, I’ve done so much today, I’m so exhausted, it’s four in the bloody morning.

Excuses, excuses. Don’t listen to those.

Pick up the pen. Press the keys on your keyboard.


Consistency is much more important than inspiration; not a popular opinion, but a true one nonetheless. Inspiration strikes, but it does so rarely – and as beautiful as those moments are, they are short, ephemeral.

No, give me consistency. Consistency I can count on.

With consistency, I learn something new every day.

But let us not forget that consistency has another meaning, as well. Just an important one–if not more so!

Consistency in writing makes–or breaks–your readers’ immersion, the barriers between your story, the meaning you put into it, and the reader’s perception and acceptance to it. Look at any book that changes tone every several chapters, and you will discover a mess that’s unpleasant to read and difficult to comprehend. If you can’t write consistently, edit to that effect; but under no circumstance should you leave your work inconsistent.

Be consistent in your writing habits, dear children, and be consistent in your writing, also!

4 thoughts on “Writing Advice: Consistency

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  1. Great point, Filip.
    I couldn’t agree more, and need to apply the principle to my own writing (dream up more new stories, finish, revise, submit, start all over again).
    Consistency produces more work in and of itself (which is itself internally consistent), but also makes producing the work easier down the road by simply making writing a good habit.

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    1. Applying the principle of consistency is easily one of the most challenging parts of our craft.

      This entire blog is a great test to my own ability to form habits, so far and I have to admit, the results are tangible.
      Consistency, more than anything, has helped me reach a point where writing over a thousand words a day is a breeze.

      Habits are the best!

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