Sunday Flirt, Vol. 01 (Five Fantasy Pick-up Lines)

Sundays are for gaming, long days at the beach, longer lunches with the family, and bloody torturous monologues! They’re also the perfect time for pick-up lines. Not any pick-up lines, but fantasy ones; and not good ones, either. No, those are bad pick-up lines. Horrible, horrid old things…

Enjoy five of them at a time, this Sunday and every Sunday, possibly until the end of time!

  1. “Is that a portal to hell you’re opening, or are you just happy to see me?”
  2. “That’s one hell of a basilisk you’re packing.”
  3. “Honey, you’re as pretty as the full moon, and that’s probably why I’m feeling my transformation coming on!”
  4. “Would you like to see my pillar of creation?”
  5. “The blood on your axe will never go away like that…you need a woman’s touch for that…”

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